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What is CBS?

Online Company Brand Stores

Our Online Company Stores allow you to quickly get your company's branded merchandise to the people who need it most. Using our powerful e-store platform, your company will be able to maximize efficiency while having complete control over spending and your brand.

Your Online Company Store will be fully supported by your dedicated branded merchandise account executive, as well as our team of site managers, programmers and warehouse managers. Our dedicated account teams have the resources, experience and knowledge to ensure the success of your company's online store.

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Your own company brand store

  • You get standardisation for all your company's merchandising requirements. All pricesare approved by your commercial team, all branding by the marketing team. Never have your branch offices pay extra or get products that don't comply with the brand guidelines ever again.
  • As our QC team is involved in production and dispatch, you will never have any discrepancies and product inconsistencies acrossdifferent locations ever again.
  • Cost benefits : With the prices all being approved by your commercial team,you are looking at big savings.
  • Employee pride : From experience we can tell you employees love the store and why should they carry a laptop bag from XYZ brand when they could have one of thecompany they work for.
  • Big savings on big brands : The products come at great prices and because ofour leverage in the institutional gifting space we can offer discounts of as muchas 50% on the MRP of brands like Puma and Benetton.
  • The high degree of customisation can help make the store platform one for rewarding performing employees using the e-voucher system. We can further integrat learning and development programs, CSR activities and anything else you can think of. The sky is actually the limit.
  • Its a great way to reach out to your clients and offer them an opportunity to buy / get some great merchandise of the company, who's products they already use.
  • Need immediate delivery for a last minute event.. the platform will take care of that too. With ready inventory we can ship outyour goods in under 24 hours .. Never worry about merchanidse again.

Process of building a brand store

Business Assessment : Stage 1 is all about accessing the need that your company may have and proposing the solution that is just right for you. In this stage, we work with you to collect all necessary information to build a site and create reporting that will meet your company's exact business needs.

Product Selection & Site Development : During this stage, an account executive works with you to find the appropriate branded merchandise for your site. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the site is programmed to your exact requirements.

Proclamation : Prior to launching, all potential users will be notified, educated and informed of the new site. We will then work with you to implement a marketing plan to ensure maximum online company store participation.

Launch : The site is now live and ready for use.

Support & Analysis : We continually work with you to make updates and improvements to all components for your online company store. Account executives, site specialists and warehouse specialists will continue to work with you for your needs, special requests, creative ideas, promotions, updates and questions.

Why Choose US

For your company brand store ?

Experience - Established in 1999 & with 15 years of experience in the business, we make for your ideal gifting partners.

  • Started from scratch , we have achieved great visibility and credibility in the industry, not only in India but also in the Middle East, Singapore and Europe.

300+ clients - Starting with Maruti Suzuki in 1999 as our first client, wenow have over 300 clients inthe Delhi - NCR region alone. Maruti incidentally remainsone of our top 5 clients evenafter 15 years.

  • 85% of our clients are bigglobal companies and ourdealings with them nowextend beyond just supplies fortheir Indian operations.

Infrastructure - Our firm belief that good infrastructure would be the backbone for quality services, we have constantly upgraded our setup and a few years ago moved into our new headquarters in the heart of Noida. This 4 storey building serves as a hub for all our operations and houses all the teams and processes critical to maintain our high levels of quality & workmanship.

  • We are also on the verge of starting facility 2 , A 450 square meter facility in Noida that will further enhance our operational capabilities.

A Great Team - We have over the years built up a very efficient team. One that has gone through several hours of training and mentorship. The result is there for all to see.

Great Product Portfolio - We offer some of the finest products & brands available in the World today.

  • With exclusive arrangements with Puma, Shantanu Nikhil, Swarovski, Brand Charger, Liverpool, Casio, Boardroom to name a few you are assured of only the finest offerings.
  • The other products in our portfolio include items that have been very selectively hand-picked from some of the best and most efficient factories not only in India but around the world.

10+ stores already running in the Company brand store space , many more on the way - With prestigious stores running for Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Make my trip, The Doon school, Niit, HCL and Remax to name a few we are very experienced in this space and with another 10 stores already lined up for being rolled out we're just getting started.


Customised Solutions

  • Yes of course.. the entire platform is highly customisable and we can offer tailor made solutions, which include
  • Reward & Recognition schemes for employees using E-vouchers.
  • Loyalty & referral programmes.
  • Consumer schemes.
  • Birthday and Anniversary gift programmes.
  • CSR realted company programs, where certain proceeds can go to the charitable foundation that you and your corporation supports.

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